LUXITER-1 Digital Night Vision Goggle


The Digital Night Vision Goggle System makes operations safer and more effective:

  • The only digital night vision goggle that fully interfaces with combat and law enforcement helmets and can be worn underneath a visor.
  • The goggle is designed specifically for forced entry operations and combat situations
  • The goggle comes with build-in, additional adjustable infra-red illumination for passive and active operation.
  • The goggles can be used in daylight without harming the system and even without realizing the difference in picture quality as compared to night operation
  • Live-firing or a flash bang will not create a blinding or blackout condition
  • The ergonomic design and the low weight allows comfortable use in motion, even during extended operations
  • The device does not allow screen-light to be seen from the exterior
  • Can be worn with or without helmet just like a tactical goggle
  • Digital black and white screens allow better target recognition and faster decision time
  • Improved spatial awareness and natural balance for the user
  • Instant dark to light or light to dark conditions are compensated for by the device and the user is unaffected