LUXITER-M1 Digital Night Vision External Cam


The modular Digital Night Vision Extern Cam System (powered by AD2V) is the perfect supplement to the Digital Night Vision Goggle family (LUXITER):

  • The LUXITER-M1 can send it video stream directly or via radio transmitter to the LUXITER. 
  • The LUXITER-M1 can also be used as a stand-alone night vision device as you can directly connect it to a video screen, VDR or via radio transmitter to a computer.
  • The modular LUXITER-M1 can be combined with a series of further DNV-Buidling Blocks such as an additional infra-red illumination module LUXITER-M1 for passive and active operation and LUXITER-M1 radio transmitter system. Further M1-Modules: Motor Zoom Controler (dep. on objective lens system), Remote Camera Control Module, Remote Controlled Camera Panning Module, etc.
  • The LUXITER-M1 can be used in daylight without harming the system.
  • Live-firing or a flash bang will not create a blinding or blackout condition.
  • The modular design allows continuous extension of the system. A rail system provides easy attachment of further modules or fixation at tripods or bearings.